chicken behavior

I was out in the yard recently trying to repair a few broken rafters in one of the out buildings. An ice storm last spring dropped a pine tree on the roof and I was finally getting around to replacing the broken wood and damaged metal. Our outbuilding is home to our chicken coop with 6 barred rocks and 5 australorps. As I worked among them I noticed that these chickens were never still. They were constantly scratching the ground , pecking at the disturbed earth. They chased each other, competing for bugs and other treasures. One australorp seemed to have a beef with me, following me everywhere, constantly cackling, yet she never wandered too far from her friends-her family. I realize my chickens can be like me.

What is it God that makes it hard to be alone? What causes me to want to be so busy? What is the discontent that leads me to chase things? Is this so I don’t feel the emptiness in my stomach?

Its the feeling of being incomplete, not being whole, judging there might be something or someone missing?

These are the feelings that remind me I yearn for You God. These times call me to connect with You. But it can be a struggle. I have to restrain the uncomfortable boy, the incomplete man who wants to find something to do. I have come to recognize there is within me a desire that yearns suppose just by observing them I’m giving credence to the latter. I am not surrendering to the busys.

When I am still I can sit and dream about being in Your throne room. There, God I find the true peace that soothes my heart. I find wholeness. How I long to just sit in the corner of Your throne room, my back up against the wall and enjoy the splendor of being in your presence.

chicken 1

Don’t let me be chicken.


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