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One Yellow Leaf


One single yellow leaf hangs in a sweet gum tree amidst a forest of green in our yard. It’s a sure sign that autumn is not far off. I don’t want summer to be over. After all, it’s only mid August. I like the growing season, the long days, the sun waking me up before 6:30 am. I remember feeling this way back in elementary school, wishing summer would go on and on.

Yet one yellow leaf reminds me that nature is already preparing for change. And as I look around the yard there are other signs. The spiders have been active, there are webs everywhere. A couple of the chickens have started to moult, losing their feathers before growing newer ones for winter. God created life with the ability to adapt and accommodate change. His creatures announce change even before it occurs.

Sometimes I don’t like change, I dislike the shorter days of winter, I liked Windows version 7, not version 8. I dislike a separate app for Facebook messenger, I like eating, I dislike gaining weight. I like staying alive but dislike the impact of age on my stamina, my eyesight, my balance and my digestive system.

Yet as a child of God, I too am equipped to walk through the seasons, the changes in life and prosper. I remind myself again – I am already equipped by God to handle change. What I have noticed about nature, about plants and animals is that they do not try to deny that change is coming, they don’t hide from it. They prepare and they embrace. The spiders are catching more food, the dogwood trees are developing berries to scatter seeds.  And the sweet gum tree is preparing to let go of things it no longer needs.

berries (2)

God, you who know all things knew that man would encounter many changes in life. You who created the birds of the air and the flowers of the field and equipped them for change, have also equipped me for change. As I walk through these seasons I want to embrace the changes that life brings. I want to prosper. And I want to watch and celebrate the beauty around me that You created as it changes.